The Advanced Electronic Regulator (AER-12VN) is a micro-processor based voltage regulator that when installed on a commercial vehicle, enables the existing alternator to provide complete and proper charging for the vehicle batteries.
The physical device is an aluminum enclosure that measures 4" x 5" and is about 1" thick.  Inside the enclosure is a printed circuit board which contains the electronics and software.  The unit is generally mounted to the firewall or inside the vehicle and connects to the alternator and batteries.
It works by taking over for the existing regulator and providing significantly increased functionality.
The regulator consists of an integrated sensing unit and microprocessor that continually measures battery current, voltage and temperature. Based on these readings a state of charge [SOC] is calculated and an appropriate charging profile is implemented. The result of which allows for batteries to recharge to a higher level and up to four times faster than an alternator alone, all the while extending the useful life of the batteries by up to 150%.
The relationship between battery input and alternator output is continuously monitored while the engine is running. Voltage settings accommodate all current automotive battery types including lead acid, gel and AGM. The charging voltages will automatically adjust for ambient temperature variations around the batteries, an important consideration when dealing with the North American climate.
Included with the regulator is a full length harness and all the necessary hardware for installation. Install times vary, depending on make and model of truck, but are typically less then two hours. A full three year warranty is standard.
The net result will be efficient alternator performance, compensation for voltage losses in the system accompanied by considerably reduced engine running time. Battery and alternator life will be significantly improved but the main benefit comes from having more available battery capacity normally two to three times, without having to install extra batteries or larger capacity alternators.
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